Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moving, Part II

In my opinion, the most fun to be had in a move is setting up the house. I think most women would agree, though house decorating is not the sole province of our sex. Once all the boxes are in, the nesting fun begins. What delighted both of us is that our belongings seem to have magically meshed prior to my arrival: we have very few duplicates and our sense of interior style proved remarkably similar. We both like natural wood, pottery, paper lanterns, old things, folk art, plants and the occasional sleek, affordable Swedish piece. 

The first challenge was the living room: our living room is nearly square and has no wall unmolested by doors, windows or radiators. We have a couch, two large chairs with ottomans, a coffee table, a tall antique desk, AND A 53" TELEVISION to accommodate. I'll give you three guesses to WHOM the television belongs. You're right! It's Steve's. To be fair, he was gifted this behemoth by a friend whose wife would no longer have it in the house. After much shuffling of furniture, eyeballing, and sitting and thinking, we solved the situation by shifting everything 45 degrees: the furniture would make its own square at a diagonal to the walls. 

Our kitchen is wonderful! I'm not sure why galley kitchens seem to get a bad rap.. they're marvelously convenient. Everything is in reach quickly and, at least in ours, there's plenty of space. We both love to cook and thus far have enjoyed an Oktoberfest meal of kielbasa, potato pancakes & dill sauce, sauerkraut, and beer; taco night with spicy shredded chicken; and a roaster chicken done up with my mom's killer recipe of fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil & vermouth, Gram's green beans a l'orange, and polenta.  We are both heavily invested in spices and bulk grains as you can see on  the spice rack, the magnetic spice holders on the fridge, and in the cannisters to the right.

We have plans to train English ivy along the windows of the dining room and the shelving holds all of our books and music. You can see some of the Wettlaufer pottery in the foreground on the table. The English ivy has a cameo off to the right. We have yet to put up paintings and art. 

As a housewarming gift, Steve went to an antique store and bought me a silver plated cocktail mixer, which we have been using.
We're enjoying a mild autumn evening on our porch, complete with porch swing, park across the street and martinis. 


  1. I am grinning and sighing a loud "ahhhhhh" toward you. Idyllic! My favorite so far is your dining table nestled between two built-in bookcases. What a wonderful existence. (PS Read the last post.... Glad you made it there safely and that at least the truck broke down near home!) xox

  2. Hey! You are such a good writer! I can't wait to read the next sentence. And I love the photos so much. In the blog about the birds the photo if the Titmouse is to die for. And your blanket is coming right along in beautiful colors. I'm glad- it is great to have something to pick up and do at any moment for as long or as short of a time as you want! I have a much better picture in my head of your home. Can't wait to see the lamp in its place. We ARE coming to visit second week in March.Let's hope for great weather....I am really happy to be coming down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Sandy's blinds are beautiful, just beautiful. You lucky ducks!